Hello there Tumblr people, I need your help!


The organization I’m in, the Junior Faculty Circle, would like your help in letting us become a part of the finalists in a contest we entered.

The contest is giving away Php10,000 to 4 organizations who will make it to the final round.


Hello there! This is me again taking advantage of this blog’s followers! XD

Please read everything in the above post. It’s up to you if you want to or not though. Just scroll past this if it doesn’t interest you.

When the contest is over anyway, I will take down this post. So while it’s still ongoing please take the time to read it.

Thank you fellow PokéShippers!


I should be in bed but I am not sleepy…
HAVE SOME FLUFF! <3 The beautiful OTP in all it’s splendor!

the only reason im posting this is cuz i really like the colours look aaaah

( source: 牧野ちか@サトカス電波受信中 )

Misty is returning in a pilot episode for a potential series being developed by one, single die hard fan!

Check out this awesome preview submitted to this blog! Pretty neat and professional-looking for a fan-made animation! And, I love the idea and inspiration behind it! Imagine if it were to really happen in the animé? ^O^

( source: 牧野ちか@サトカス電波受信中 )

Theme 67: I’m Not Touching You by Simply-Nicole

( source: 牧野@色塗り練習中 )

Awkward and Sweet Moment by RainbowRose725

Mirror Ash and Misty by @ffmomo